ENG – Add users and assign licenses from Microsoft 365 Admin Center


In today’s post we will see how we can create a new user in Azure Active Directory

First there must be an active Microsoft 365 subscription.

As long as we login then we select Admin

In the next step we select active users

Then we have to select add a user

In the right pop-up menu in the first step we enter the first and last name of the user .The display name will return itself after filling in the full name (We can change it)

Below we are given the option to set password or choose to auti generate password from the system

In case we give a password it is recommended that the password has complexity for obvious reasons

In the next step we need to assign lisences to the user and select the Location for our user

If I assigne some lisence to the user in apps it will show the available applications that the user has

In the next step I can give admin role to my user

Or fill in the details in my user profile

In the last step I see a review of the user’s specific creation

It remains to click on Finish Adding

and in this way we have created our user

More information in the official Microsoft documentation on Microsoft Learn at URL


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