Create Approval with SharePoint List and Power Automate

M365 Power Automate SharePoint Online

in today’s article we will see together how we can make an approval using power automate every time someone adds a new item to a SharePoint list

first we need to Login to our M365 Subscription and then select power automates

from the available SharePoint templates select Start approval when a new item is added

choose continue and then open the connections with outlook SharePoint ,approvals and users

in the automate that we just created initially in the flow we need to add the page and list in which every time we add something it will start a new approval

In the next step we select the person who will be the approver. This process could be done automatically if we had introduced the applicant’s manager and the applicant’s manager would be accepted as an approver.

in the next step as you can see with the attachment starts the automate and sends a mail to the approver .So we have 2 cases .If it accepts the automate will execute to the applicant a mail that will tell him that his request has been accepted and will add some comments that the approver will make .

but if the request is not accepted the automaton will again send a mail to the applicant and again inform him that his request has not been accepted and some comments from the approver that can be used as a reason for rejection

here I should note that we can intervene in the automate and add options. For example, we could also fill in a custom field of the list with whether the rejector has accepted someone’s request after the approver’s response. In this particular case, we analyze the automaton as it is in the template

the right column in the automaton states that it pulls the data of the person who adds a new item to the list and if the execution of the automaton fails, it sends him an email informing him that he has failed

let’s go now to make a new entry since we have first saved our automate and have done a manual test

Now i have to create an item in my SharePoint List to test if my automate works correctly

finally we make a new item in our list and wait to see if the execution has been done correctly

an as you can see i got this mail in my mailbox and now the automate waiting my response as approver

I will reply approve and i will write some notes as comments

So you can see that the automate has chosen the right path in roe, it did the test and ran normally without failing

in the end, my automate sent me a message as a requester that my request has been accepted by my approver, which happens to be me

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