Create Blank Canvas Power App and Connect SharePoint List

M365 Power Apps SharePoint Online

In today’s article we will see how to create a power app and how to connect it to a SharePoint List
First we need to login to M365 and select Power Apps

In the next step we need to create a new power app blank

In the next step we need to choose Blank Canvas App and press Create

At first we will have to give a new name to our Power app and then choose the layout whether it will be for mobile or tablet .We for the needs of the presentation will choose Tablet

by switching to the Power app studio on the home screen we see that there is nothing . In today’s article we will see how we can bring a SharePoint list with the form format into the Power App on the home screen

For the needs of the presentation we will use a list that we have created on a SharePoint Online site

in the power app studio from the Insert button I select edit form

then select add data and SharePoint to create a connection between SharePoint and the power app

then select connect directly and press connect

Then you need to choose the site that host the list from available sites

and then you need to choose the list that hosted in this site

Now I have to select data source and as you can see my new connection has already passed .I select my list

We have to wait a few second until the connection between SharePoint and power app established

now you should be able to see all the fields of the form corresponding to columns in the SharePoint list.

In order not to be able to change the elements of the form you can only select the view mode

In order not to be able to change the elements of the form you can only select the view mode .And how can we do this ? We select the right sidebar advanced and under the DefaultMode field instead of edit after perfect we write View.

As you can see finally the whole form has changed its fields to view mode so no one can change the data anymore

But the way my form is now I can’t see the entries in this list .To be able to navigate from the Power app to the SharePoint list entries I need to make a few more moves .First I need to add from the Insert button a vertical gallery

arrange the items in the Power app so that I can be able to view them in parallel

the first thing to do is to connect the vertical gallery to our list

now you can see all the list entries

now we need to connect the gallery to the form .This is done if in the advanced of the form under the item field I write the name of the gallery which for us is gallery1 and then finally the property I want it to perform i.e. gallery1.selected

so if you save and run your app you will see that every time you click on the right arrow after the entry in the gallery the entry details appear twice

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